Rebel Monk is a full-service production company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional work. From commercial, documentary, motion graphics or corporate videos, we are relentless in working with you to bring your vision to life.



Rebel Monk Productions begins the process by talking with your team about the vision, market, and primary goals. We ask questions like: Who is your audience? What message do you want to get across?

Once we've distilled this information into a few key takeaways, our in-house creative team creates a concept and script for the project. Once the key stakeholders have approved the approach, our storyboard artist illustrates the ideas in sequences for a pre-visualization. Our producing team uses these pre-visualizations as a guide to handle all facets of physical production, from scouting locations, to pulling permits, to procuring all of the project's equipment needs.


Once we've established a clear vision and plan during pre-production, we progress to the production stage. At Rebel Monk, we know that the scope of work for each project varies, so we are well-equipped for shoots both in-studio, and on-location. We work with top creatives in the Bay Area to provide services for casting, wardrobe, hair and makeup. We also have the capacity to cover video needs at corporate events and functions.


Once we've captured the footage during the production stage, we move into post-production, where we work with a crew of editors, motion graphic artists, music composers, and various multimedia artists, depending on each project's specific post production needs. We are well-versed in 2D, 3D and C4D animation. Our diverse roster ensures specialized attention for every facet of your video during the post production stage.


While video production for brands and corporations is a huge part of what we do at Rebel Monk, nonprofit and documentary filmmaking is also an integral part of our mission. We use video as a method of communication, to tell the stories of underrepresented communities and shed light on social issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Most recently, Rebel Monk has begun working with filmmakers from the Bay Area to capture the narratives of homeless pregnant women living in the Silicon Valley. The initial project is a short documentary, filmed over the course of 10 days following 3 women as they cope with the stress and adversity of entering motherhood while living on the streets.

Want to get involved? Rebel Monk is in pre-production for a feature-length documentary addressing these same issues touched upon in this short doc. We are currently seeking additional production support and financial investors interested in the cause.